Keywords [en]. Juridification, equal treatment, education policy, education law, sweden. National Category. Pedagogy  At the time of the project, three were Labour and one Conservative.

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Keywords: juridification, institutional logic, professionalism, School inspection. Inledning Med ny skollag, skolförordning, läroplan och inrättande av Skol-inspektionen har alltmer av skolans verksamhet blivit en fråga om rättstillämpning. Den här artikeln handlar om hur förändringarna i 2019-03-28 · The conclusion is that juridification does entail normalization and favour the infiltration of law into the social realm. But because of its ambivalent nature, it can and does serve as an alternative vehicle for social change – one that attaches more importance to how social agents produce law on a daily basis and how this law permeates official legal orders. To the contrary, juridification is typically a result of political actors taking the same position to the new governance as does Masterman. They respond to the new governance by downplaying its challenge to the Westminster model, trying to shore up representative democracy and appealing to the expertise and good will of judges and other professionals.

PhD Candidate, Sociology of Law Department. Title: “Between Risk and Legal Accountability - Law and the Juridification of Safety Norms in European Civil Aviation Maintenance”. 2021-04-12 · Related aspects of this type of “juridification” of modern life have also been identified by early legal sociologists—for example, Henry Maine and Emile Durkheim’s “from status to contract” thesis (Maine 2000 [1861]; Durkheim 1964 [1893]); or Max Weber’s emphasis on the rise of a formal, unambiguous, and rational legal system in Western societies (Weber 1978 [1914]).

But geographic accounts of war have generally not considered the role that law plays in shaping its conduct. 2018-01-15 descriptive terms some see juridification as ‘the proliferation of law’ or as ‘the tendency towards an increase in formal (or positive, written) law’; others as ‘the monopolization of the legal field by legal professionals’, the ‘construction of judicial power’, ‘the expansion of judicial 2019-05-30 2019-09-06 In England mediation became a key part of the civil justice reform agenda after the Woolf Reforms of 1996, as disputants were deflected from litigation towards settlement outside the court system.


English I personally welcome, above all, the juridification of all stages of the sanctions procedure, especially the facility for the Court of Auditors to exercise control. Keywords: juridification, Indigenous rights, Indigenous law, vernacularization, Mayan law, sovereignty, engaged ethnography Introduction The juridification of politics is now widely recognized as a global phenomenon that is here to stay. Since the 1970s, Jürgen Habermas and others have seen in the creeping forms of The Political Economy of Legal Globalization: Juridification, Adversarial Legalism, and Responsive Regulation. A comment - Volume 59 Issue 2 The Juridification of Resource Conflicts is a British Academy-funded academic research project which explores the uses of the jural by a range of actors in Central America and Mexico to advance their views about development and natural resource governance in the context of violent conflict over subsoil resources (specifically minerals) and water. JURIDIFICATION OF THE FOOTBALL FIELD: STRATEGIES FOR GIVING LAW THE ELBOW. SIMON GARDINER & ALEXANDRA FELIX* There is increasingly a view that the law should be involved more prominently in the regulation of sport.1 The area of concern is wide-ranging, with issues such as performers' contracts, restraint of trade, the Masterman, Roger, Juridification, Sovereignty and Separation of Powers (2009). (2009) 62 Parliamentary Affairs 499, Available at SSRN: In England mediation became a key part of the civil justice reform agenda after the Woolf Reforms of 1996, as disputants were deflected from litigation towards settlement outside the court system.

Juridification and Standardisation: Two Legal Dimensions Influencing Contemporary Child Protection. / Ponnert, Lina; Johansson, Susanna. In: British Journal of Social The aim of this article is to analyse juridification and standardisation as two legal dimensions influencing contemporary child-protection work, and to discuss its implications for practice. We provide a framework for how the concepts of juridification and standardisation might be understood and analytically differentiated, drawing on theoretical discussions within both socio-legal and social work literature. Men som jag visar i min avhandling, Juridification of Educational Spheres: The case of Swedish School Inspection (Novak, 2018), har juridifieringen på senare år inte bara lett till skydd mot auktoritära strukturer i det privata och offentliga; den har också lett till att individers autonomi och rättigheter har stärkts gentemot välfärdsstatens institutioner.
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Habermas (1987) and Weber (1978) have both addressed juridification as an element of the formation of the Western democratic welfare state. juridification is a process whereby conflicts increasingly are being solved by or with reference to law.

An analytical framework for the analysis of juridification processes is introduced to manage the vast implications of these processes. The discussion indicates complexity and contradictory outcomes of juridification processes.
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January 2002] United Kingdom Military Law: Autonomy, Civilianisation, Juridification lshe rest of this paper will address the themes of military law autonomy, “Juridification” is an ambiguous term, both descriptively and normatively. The authors distinguish between five dimensions of “juridification”; constitutive juridification, juridification as law’s expansion and differentiation, as increased conflict solving with reference to law, as increased judicial power and as legal framing.

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Juridification and social citizenship in the welfare state / edited by Henriette Sinding Aasen, Siri Gloppen, Anne-Mette Magnussen, Even Nilssen.

Fourth, juridification is a process by which the legal system and the legal profession noun. the right, power, or authority to administer justice by hearing and determining controversies. power; authority; control: He has jurisdiction over all American soldiers in the area. the extent or range … The article starts with the observation of an ambivalence inherent to the politics of juridification.

The plural nature of organization; 4. Revising the functions of state politics; 5. The normativity of networks; 6. The case of family networks; 7.