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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/ Share  Jouvet, M. (1986). Programmation génétique itérative et sommeil paradoxal [ Iterative genetic programming and paradoxical sleep]. Confrontations Psychiatriques,  Search with any French or English words. paradoxal.

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If a patient responds to medication in a contradictory or opposite way to what is expected, it is said to have had a paradoxical effect. An example of this is pain relief medication causing increased pain. Paradoxical chest movement is most commonly seen as a result of a flail chest, which is when adjacent ribs are broken in more than one place, causing the injured segment of ribs to break away and move independently from the rest of the rib cage. A pneumothorax, or collapsed lung, can also cause paradoxical chest movements.

From a logical point of view, this means that one is true while the other is false; both cannot be true, or both cannot be false.

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The meaning of intention, technically, is conceptions formed by channeling the mind towards a stimulus. Thence, paradoxical intention is a planned or intended way of contradicting a thought or habit in order to eradicate it or reduce its obsessiveness. 2017-04-06 Breathing properly is vital for health.

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But obviously, this will help setup the general reasoning behind the games themselves. So again, the paradoxical canine.

Paradoxical (adjectif) De la nature d'un paradoxe. Paradoxical (adjectif) Incliné aux paradoxes, aux principes ou aux notions contraires aux opinions reçues. Paradoxical (adjectif) apparemment contradictoire mais néanmoins vraisemblable; "il est paradoxal que se tenir debout soit plus fatigant que de marcher" In paradoxical insomnia, one or more of the following criteria apply: The patient reports a chronic pattern of little or no sleep most nights, with rare nights during which relatively normal Classical vs. Paradoxical psoriasis- differences, similarities, and treatment strategies.
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In addition, a limited number of case studies report the use of physostigmine, flumazenil, and haloperidol 44). Chronic plaque psoriasis is a common debilitating skin disease.

Tuberculose. Concomitantly treating active tuberculosis (TB) and HIV infection is a challenging task. There  We discuss the paradox constituted by the "past" and "future" dimensions of reality Resources Management, Change Management, Organizational Paradoxes,  By “paradox” one usually means a statement claiming  By common consent, the term paradoxical pulse, or "pulsus paradoxus," is considered to refer to a phenomenon in which the peripheral pulse is markedly  9 Nov 2020 Although paradoxes often trip us up, embracing contradictory ideas may actually be the secret to creativity and leadership.
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I am currently reading about Paradoxical Thinking vs Cause and Effect Thinking and wanted to delve into the subject a A paradox is a contradictory or absurd statement (against popular opinion) which may still be true. The meaning of intention, technically, is conceptions formed by channeling the mind towards a stimulus. Thence, paradoxical intention is a planned or intended way of contradicting a thought or habit in order to eradicate it or reduce its obsessiveness.

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On an organizational level, this makes sense – you can re-organize your  23 Apr 2014 This paradox is evident in the context of NGOs and the United of the “ individuality” of rights, while perhaps contradictory of practice, has  The paradox resides in the opposition of cognitive and affective communications, for example an order to be obeyed asked with an expression of fear (as when the   juxtaposing paradox and contingency approaches, illustrating their varied meta- theoretical perspectives articulating the focal paradox or paradoxes of inquiry. erential paradox, much like the Liar Paradox and the Russell Paradox of set- membership, both of which are members of the class of semantic paradoxes,. 21 Jun 2020 In addition to trying to wrap our brain around paradox meanings, we'll investigate some famous paradoxes and paradoxical statements.

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Consider the three previous examples now with paradoxical thinking: En sådan paradoxal författare är Monika Fagerholm: svår och lättillgänglig på samma gång. Författaren och litteraturkritikern Per Svensson på Sydsvenskan tycker att dagböckernas vämjelse inför medierna är paradoxal då författaren samtidigt är så besatt av desamma.

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